Gallery of weird, beautiful techniques

Anything here spark some creative thoughts for a project you have sitting in your closet? Let me help you make that garment come to life so you can enjoy time on the streets wearing it.

Sashiko style mending can add more room, reinforce and distribute stress to a wider area all while being extremely versatile visually. Any simple shape / pattern could be used.

Hand embroidery has infinite possibilities.

Add a warning under your collar. Frame your favorite patch.

Embroidery can be as subtle or as opulent as you want. My goal is to create something that makes your day better. Every time.

Chainmaille Rope weaving can be done with many size and colors. Colors upon availability here : link

Application Ideas:

Wallet Chain | Lanyard | Necklace | Bracelet | Custom Bag Chain

Painting can extend and connect patches and even replace backpatches.

Scale maille can be used as actual armor or an incredibly unique addition to any garment. Bralettes/Belly dancing belts/bags all can be created upon request.

For a more in depth description of some scale maille choices head over to:

Size and color options can be found here at my chosen supplier: