Scale Maille Shoulder Pauldron -S-


🛡️ Make a bold statement with our meticulously crafted scale maille shoulder pauldrons. Handmade with utmost care and attention to detail, these striking pieces will add an unparalleled level of protection and style to your ensemble.

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**This listing is for one(1) pauldron NOT one set.** please allow for 1 week  build time each piece is made to order**

6″ wide x 3″ tall to 5″ center point

fits best on: xs-m womens or xs/s mens

🌈 Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors for both the scales and rings, enabling you to customize your shoulder pauldrons to match your unique style and personality. Black anodized aluminum and unpainted stainless steel on hand. Other colors available depending on availability

Shown are size small anodized aluminum scales. Other sizes available upon request.



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