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General Hello!!

🌈 Welcome to Embroidered Trash – Where Artistry Meets Activism! 🧵✨

I am thrilled to officially introduce you to Embroidered Trash, a clothing alteration business owned and operated by a passionate individual dedicated to celebrating individuality, inclusivity, and creative expression. Here, I believe in breaking free from the confines of mainstream fashion and empowering my customers to embrace their true selves.

✨ Commissioned Embroidery: Unleash your imagination as I bring your garments to life through intricate embroidery. With meticulous stitching, I transform your visions into reality, whether it’s powerful slogans, abstract designs, or delicate line art, turning your clothing into a canvas for social change.

✨ Dazzling Embellishments: Add a touch of uniqueness to your wardrobe with eye-catching embellishments. From statement patches to shimmering sequin armor to shoulder spikes of pastel bunnies, I offer an array of options to help your garments speak volumes and become powerful symbols of self-expression.

✨ Vibrant Screenprinting: Make a bold statement with custom screenprinting. Collaborating closely with you, I transform your ideas into striking designs, political messages, or artistic chaos. Your voice will resonate loud and clear through your personalized garments.

✨ Chainmaille and Scale Maille: Embrace your inner warrior with the intricate beauty of chainmaille and scale maille. With (self taught) skilled craftsmanship, I create stunning pieces that embody strength, resilience, and rebellion against societal norms.

✨ Studded Creations: Add an classic punk vibe to your wardrobe with expertly crafted studs. Whether you desire a jacket or a touch of rebellion on your accessories, I’ll transform your vision into reality, ensuring you stand out from the crowd. The longer your spikes the closer to a hedgehog…so…consider that.

✨ Creative Improvisation: I thrive on pushing boundaries and defying conventions. With a knack for improvisation, I bring your wildest fashion dreams to life. Together, we’ll create a look that defies expectations and embraces your unique identity.

🌟 At Embroidered Trash, I am more than just an alteration business – I am a platform for social change, encouraging self-expression and celebrating diversity. As an activist at heart, I am dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive space for individuals to express their true selves through their clothing.

🧵 Join the Embroidered Trash revolution and let your garments tell a story of resistance, liberation, and authenticity. Together, we can challenge the status quo and redefine what it means to be stylishly wild.

✨ Schedule a consultation today and let me unleash your imagination with my transformative alteration services. Welcome to a world where clothing meets activism – welcome to Embroidered Trash!