Meet Our Excited Trashy Expert- Empowering Community Shenanigans

Just a few thoughts from the maker:

Embroidered Trash represents a statement of rebellion, love, and equality. With this in mind, my goal is to challenge the status quo, dismantle oppressive systems, and celebrate the diversity that makes us beautifully unique.

In the face of fascism, neutrality becomes an untenable stance. Silence is not an option; what’s more, being complacent is tantamount to being complicit. It becomes our duty to vocally oppose fascism and all forms of oppression. It’s essential to recognize that the struggle against fascism is not merely a historical one. It is an ongoing battle to protect the values of justice, equality, and human rights. I am committed to using any platform to amplify voices fighting against fascism. The core belief is that through unity and resistance. We can create a world where hatred and bigotry have no place.

Rejecting the relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of people and the planet is paramount. This commitment to anti-capitalism is clearly reflected in my slow fashion creations, which utilize thrifted materials and prioritize principles over profits. My daily fight against capitalism involves offering a sliding scale pricing model, which takes privilege and accessibility into account. This ensures that my clothing remains accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their financial means. Additionally, I welcome trades of skill shares and supplies as part of my mission to create a more equitable economy.

Embroidered Trash proudly embraces matriarchal values and leadership. As an Indigenous mother, I deeply believe in the strength, wisdom, and compassion of matriarchal traditions. My constant aim is to honor and uplift these values in all my endeavors. Recognizing the power of the feminine while celebrating all gender identities. Embracing the spirit of anarchy, I perceive it not as chaos but as a call to question authority and disrupt oppressive norms. Our designs and ethos encapsulate the idea that a world without hierarchy can lead to a more just and free society.

Embroidered Trash takes pride in being part of a movement that envisions a world where love, equality, and liberation reign supreme. Together, we can proudly wear our beliefs on our sleeves and work to change the world, one garment at a time.

Join me on this journey toward a brighter, more inclusive, and equitable future. Together, we can tear down this patriarchal nightmare and rebuild with love, intent, and the support of those around us.